Monster Fight Club Launch Combat Zone

 On April 22nd Monster Fight Club launched a Kickstarter to fund a brand new tabletop game based on Cyberpunk Red called Combat Zone. Within 35 minutes they reached their funding goal and have blown way past it in the past week. They've also already unlocked 13 stretch goals which is a huge accomplishment.. At the time of writing they are almost at $152,000.

The base game is gonna set you back about $120 but that box comes with quite a bit of content. Two sets of gangs totaling 12 minis, the rule book, game board, terrain, 8 scenarios, 30 loot cards, double sided tokens, dice and measuring devices. And that's not even including all the stuff that has been unlocked from stretch goals.

So far the campaign is looking really good and we already know Monster Fight Club has been absolutely killing the minis for Cyberpunk Red. This is just another way to enjoy Cyberpunk Red. Be sure to head over to their Kickstarter and check it out because they have a TON of more information over there.