Pregen Characters and Art Revealed for Cyberpunk Red

Today R. Talsorian dropped another blog post with quite a bit of new information considering the upcoming release of the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. In the last update they revealed that Q Workshop will be providing the kit with some new dice. Now we are getting a look at some of the pregen characters that will be included in the set.

In the kit they are calling them "Edgerunners" and they are emphasizing that all of them are completely customizable. They are simply going to be presented as a canvas that you can expand upon and make your own. Of course, as with most starter boxes, all of the characters represent a different "class".
  •  Forty is a Rocker. Using her guitar and her voice, she sings words of truth, trying to change the world one show at a time.
  • As a Fixer, Grease makes deals for a living. That’s especially important in the world of Cyberpunk Red, since it is often Fixers, not your local market, who can get you what you need to survive until tomorrow.
  • Our Solo’s name is Mover. His gun is for hire. He might work for a Corp today, a Fixer tomorrow, and the local church the day after. Everyone needs a fighter in the world of Cyberpunk Red.
  • Redeye’s a Netrunner and it is a new world for her profession in Cyberpunk Red. She’ll be part of the team, going on site and into danger so she can plug her brain directly into the computers she needs to hack. No more NETsurfing from the couch!
  • Nomads have changed in the world of Red, too. They’re the best, and often only, way to get goods and people from one urban center to another. Racer represents her Pack’s interests, even if it means staying in one place for a long period of time. She’s still an expert behind the wheel, though.
  • Torch, our Tech, is as important in his own way as any Fixer. Sure, a Fixer can get you new piece of gear but in the age of Cyberpunk Red, only someone like Torch can keep it working or adapt it to do something it was never intended for.
In the post they also go over all of the different stats that we will be able to dump all our points into. Most of us will be really familiar with them but with all the hype around Cyberpunk 2077, new people will have to be introduced to them.
  •  Intelligence: How smart you are.
  • Willpower: Your determination and ability to handle stress.
  • Cool: Your ability to impress and influence.
  • Empathy: Relating and understanding others.
  • Technique: The knack of using tools and technology.
  • Reflexes: Response time and hand-eye coordination.
  • Luck: How gosh darn lucky you are.
  • Body: Toughness and strength.
  • Dexterity: Athletics and gymnastic ability.
  • Movement: How fast you are.
In the kit they are also really simplifying health by only including "hits". This will definitely streamline the game for new audiences and could be something nice to bring over to the full release as well to keep it simple. Lifepath will be present here as well and it will be the primary way to really dig deep to fully customize your character. The skills, gear and cyberware all seem to be predetermined for each Edgerunner. Keep in mind however that you don't even have to use these characters. They are just there if you want to jump in fast and get a game going with minimal prep work.

The art we see for the Edgerunners looks very similar to the artwork we have already seen. We've been told that plenty of other art will be available which is my hope. I'd like to see something that will differentiate Cyberpunk from Shadowrun in terms of art style.

You can get your hands on the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit at Gen Con on August 1st at the R. Talsorian booth or digitally on DriveThruRPG. After Gen Con the kit will be available in stores and in the R. Talsorian webstore as well.

The Shadowrun Timer is Up

The Shadowrun timer ran out yesterday evening and.. nothing happened. It was stuck on a continuous loop that kept resetting to 13 seconds. Eventually a text box appeared and a discussion began between a group of what I assume were a couple of runners. However now the page has been updated with a video.

It's a little unclear of what is going on in this video. It features a shadowy figure issuing some kind of warning and a rise to action. Beyond that I'm not 100% sure what is going on. What I have been able to glean from it is that it was made by Rem Alternis Productions Inc. I'm not sure what kind of relationship they have with Game Catalyst Labs at this point, but I do know they will soon be launching their own Kickstarter for a cyberpunk series.

If anything else appears on the official website I will be sure to keep you all posted.

Cover Revealed for the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit

A couple weeks ago we all got a first look of the first piece of artwork from Cyberpunk Red. Today we get a couple more courtesy of the box art from the upcoming Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. GeekNative got a first look and they also picked up a couple new tidbits of information.

The kit will be released at Gen Con and it will be limited to only two boxes per customer. If you buy it directly from R Talsorian you will get a coupon to get the PDF from DriveThruRPG for only $8. Afterwards, you will be able to pick it up for only $15. The box itself will retail for $29.99.

Another little piece of information is that the rule books will be perfect bound and not stapled. It looks like they are definitely leaving the old school sensibility behind and our adapting many of the modern ways of producing games.

Inside the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit box, players will find:

  • A lore and adventure book detailing the world of Cyberpunk Red. Also included is a full, ready to play scenario and “Screamsheets”, a combination of in-universe news story and game information which players can use to create new adventures.
  • A rulebook containing the essential rules needed to play the game, engage in frenetic combat, and hack their way through digital networks. The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit uses a new version of R. Talsorian Games’ original Interlock game engine.
  • Six pregenerated characters: the Fixer, the Netrunner, the Nomad, the Rocker, the Solo, and the Tech. Each character comes ready to play but can be further customized using an abbreviated version of the famous Cyberpunk Lifepath system.
  • Four maps to help players visualize their environments, from hard streets to glittering nightclubs.
  • Six dice: two ten-sided dice and four six-sided dice.

5 Films to Watch in Anticipation of Cyberpunk 2077

April 16th, 2020 seems like a lifetime away. So what do you do to pass the time? If you really want to envelop yourself into the cyberpunk genre than I have the perfect list for you. Here I am going to list five films that you should definitely watch in anticipation of Cyberpunk 2077. These films will most likely have had some kind of impact on the game, some of which we already know because of the promotional material.

Honorable Mention: Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a Netflix original series that is based off of the novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. The series takes place over 360 years in the future, with most episodes set in the year 2384, in a futuristic metropolis known as Bay City. In this dystopian universe people can upload their consciousness onto what is called a stack and your body is simply referred to as a sleeve.

Takeshi Kovacs is a special soldier that is referred to as an Envoy, talented operatives with deadly skills. The story begins when Kovacs' stack is retrieved by a wealthy man who wants his "murderer" brought to justice. Season one is all on Netflix and the series was recently renewed for a second season.

5. Johnny Mnemonic

With this film I think the connections to Cyberpunk 2077 are quite obvious at this point. The film stars Keanu Reeves and is based on a story written by the Godfather of cyberpunk, William Gibson. CD Projekt Red have directly talked about the film and they even have a particular melee weapon in the game based off of the one Keanu uses in Johnny Mnemonic.

4. Dredd

Judge Dredd seems to always be left out when it comes to talking about cyberpunk. If you really enjoyed the first 48 minute gameplay demo than you will love Dredd. This movie is brutal and unforgiving. Blood, gore and action at a mile a minute. The entire film takes place in a tenement megabuilding where a gang has gone off the rails. If The Raid was cyberpunk and used guns you would get Dredd.

3. Ghost in the Shell

This is where the list is probably going to start to get a little predictable. But I think when we are talking about cyberpunk these following films absolutely have to be mentioned. Ghost in the Shell is one of the most well known and fantastic anime you will ever see. It should be obvious but I am not talking about the Scarlett Johansson film.

2. Akira

Akira is the most influential anime of all time. No question. It also just happens to be cyberpunk to the core. This is one of those movies that everyone knows about, but not many people have actually seen. This is also on this list because it is clearly the inspiration for the motorbike statue that is included with Collectors Edition of Cyberpunk 2077. For that reason alone I think this movie is definitely worth checking out.

1. Blade Runner

Blade Runner is the granddaddy of cyberpunk film. I couldn't make a decision between the original or 2049 so I am going to cheat a little and include them both here. The imagery and themes are without a doubt going to be explored in Cyberpunk 2077. Especially when it comes to your humanity and what can happen when we push things too far. We have already seen a direct easter egg in the demo when the woman from the ripper doc office is clearly an homage to Pris from the film.

Well those were five (technically six but whose counting?) films for you to check out while we are all waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to release. These aren't the only good cyberpunk films out there to check out. Plenty of cyberpunk literature is also worth checking out as well. Stay tuned because very soon I will be sharing an article I wrote last week about five games to play.

In the meantime I hope you guys enjoyed this list and if not let me know what you would suggest. Do you know of any hidden cyberpunk gems? Let me know!

Blade Runner 2019 Comic Trailer Released

I have been keeping you guys completely up to date with the next installment of the Blade Runner franchise. No, unfortunately it is not another film but a prequel comic.

The series, written by Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green and long-term collaborator Mike Johnson, will run 12 issues and follow a veteran Blade Runner, Ash, as she takes on a new case: the search for the missing family of a billionaire with connections to the Tyrells, whose disappearance may be connected to rogue Replicants.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. You can pick up the comic from Titan Comics on July 17th.

Dice Revealed for the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit

Today J Gray posted on the official R. Talsorian blog that Q Workshop will be producing the dice for the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit. This is fantastic news because when you want dice done the right way, you go to Q Workshop.

I have several different sets of dice and I always have particular dice for particular games. I don't know, I'm weird like that. The only kind of dice I haven't been able to find is a really good set for Cyberpunk. So finally with this kit I'll have a couple good ones.

I asked J Gray if they would be for sale separately and his only response was "To be determined". So don't worry I'll keep everyone up to date. Along with the reveal they posted a couple sample images of what the dice may look like. The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit will be available at Gen Con and then immediately available online at several retailers.

Cyberpunk 2077 Expansions Will Be Similar to Witcher 3

E3 and the news about Cyberpunk 2077 has been pouring out. So much so that I have been completely overwhelmed with information. Every major member of the CD Projekt Red team have been doing interviews and I plan on sifting through them soon to find the most juicy bits. Today however we received a good bit of info about the expansions planned for Cyberpunk 2077.

UI Coordinator Alvin Liu spoke with Prima Games about the future of the game. "We are talking about expansions in the future. We want to make sure everything's complete, but we also want to build open worlds. I know when I was playing The Witcher 3 and I finished everything, I still want to know what everyone was up to. I think we're going to have opportunities like that as well for Cyberpunk 2077."

Doubling down on CD Projekt Reds high standards he goes on to say, "You're going to see characters and you'll see them develop. You're going to see them go through conflicts and resolve those conflicts. It'll be a very rewarding ending. We're not withholding content, we're not withholding story for the future to try to, you know, monetize it or sell it in pieces or anything like that. You're going to get the whole, full value game here."

So if we do indeed get DLC that is the size of Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine we know we will be in for a treat. Those DLC are the size of some stand alone games these days. CDPR hold themselves to a much higher standard than most studios in the gaming space these days and it is refreshing to behold.

Keanu Reeves Talks About Cyberpunk 2077

The big reveal at E3, probably THE biggest, was that Keanu Reeves was not only playing Johnny Silverhand but he was also on stage to introduce the release date. Today a full interview with the man was released in which he talks about his role in the upcoming game as well as some details about the game itself.

Check out the video below.. and remember, you are all breathtaking!

New Lovecraftian Cyberpunk Game: Transient

With all the hype surrounding E3 and all the Cyberpunk 2077 goodness that has been permeating are eyeballs, Transient slipped through the cracks. As I have mentioned before besides cyberpunk, horror is by far my favorite genre. Thankfully this new game is going to combine my two loves.

Iceberg Interactive just released a little teaser trailer and a little bit more info as well. The trailer doesn't tell us a whole lot, but the additional information is where they explicitly detail the cyberpunk elements.

In the distant, post-apocalyptic future, what is left of the population of mankind lives in an enclosed citadel called Domed City Providence, created to survive the harsh outside environment. In this, mankind's final refuge, Randolph Carter, a member of a notorious hacker-for-hire group called ODIN, accidentally stumbles across the terrifying truth, a truth that might tear apart his own sanity and question his very existence.

H.P. Lovecraft meets Cyberpunk. Delve deep into an obscure dystopian world and hold firm to your consciousness while you explore enigmatic networks where change is permanent but reality is only temporary.
  • To find out what is going on, traverse between real and artificially created worlds.
  • Ominous but lush graphics created with Unreal Engine 4.
  • Secrets and easter eggs.
  • A haunting and atmospheric soundtrack.

Secret Message from CD Projekt Red Decoded

After the Microsoft Press Conference in which CD Projekt Red revealed a new cinematic trailer and a release date, they posted a Collectors Edition unboxing video. In the beginning of the video there was a series of lines of code. Some intrepid fans were able to crack that code and reveal a secret message.

Below is the message in its entirety:

Finally, after months of preparation, we can share with you two big things we have been hard at work on — CP2077's cinematic story trailer and a brand new gameplay demo! Yes, yes, we know — for now, the demo is only available to the lucky ones who managed to get tickets to E3 and the rest of you will have to wait until gamescom or the public dev Q&A unveiling stream at PAX in August. Yeah, we can already feel the bashing you're gonna give us online :(. "Why are you not treating us fair", "why is the gameplay not being released right away?". The reason is we want to make the most out of the months of work we put into the demo and first showcase gameplay live at E3 and gamescom. Releasing gameplay right away would make the gamescom presentations pointless and would significantly limit our chance to build hype. Why do we need to build hype? To get more gamers interested in CP2077 and, hopefully, convince them to give it a go. We are putting our hearts and souls into making CP2077 a great game and we would like as many gamers as possible to find out about it and experience its amazing story. Also, hype can turn into sales (after all, we are not a charity), and good sales allow us to grow, take creative risks and deliver new, great games for you to enjoy.

And let’s not forget about one more super important announcement — the release date. Less than a year from now, on April 16th, 2020, you’ll finally be able to sink your teeth into Cyberpunk 2077.

As you probably noticed, we prepared 2 editions of the game. Why only two? Because when we pre-order ourselves, we don’t like to go to Wikipedia to compare content. We have a simple deal: there’s the standard edition, the one we think most gamers will choose, and a limited Collector’s Edition. While we're pretty proud of the CE, we'd like to turn your attention to that first one. Why? Because we have really maxed out the physical capacity of the box with goodies. We think this raises the bar for "standard" and we hope you'll think so, too. Also, since pre-orders are live, you might be wondering if there’s any point in placing an order now. Yes, if you want to give us some extra support. Pre-orders help us build anticipation — the more copies you pre-order, the more likely it is for us to get retail (both digital and physical) behind the game. Therefore, if you like what you see, we will appreciate you "voting yes" for CP2077 with a pre-order. If you are still hesitating though, we would rather you wait for more materials or reviews. Our goal is for you to truly enjoy CP2077 and not regret a pre-order.

Take care and looking forward to seeing you in Night City! CD PROJEKT RED team

Love, Death, and Robots Renewed for Season 2

Love, Death, and Robots was a huge surprise that premiered on Netflix in March. It was remarkably good and filled with cyberpunk goodness. Today Netflix has revealed that the series has been renewed for a season two.

They are officially calling this Volume 2 and it will be directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson. She previously directed multiple episodes of “Spawn,” “Kung Fu Panda 2” and “Kung Fu Panda 3, and the live-action feature “The Darkest Minds.”

Let's hope this second season is just as good as the first. I'm not too familiar with Nelson but I did enjoy Spawn so lets hope this series will contain a little bit of that grittiness that Spawn had.

Watch Dogs Legion Revealed at E3

At the Ubisoft press conference they revealed the next installment in the Watch Dogs franchise, Legion. I never played the first game but I actually had quite a bit of fun with part two. I wouldn't consider the previous two games cyberpunk but Legion absolutely gives off those vibes.

Legion looks very promising. They tout the fact that you can recruit anyone to Dedsec but they can die at any time and stay dead. So if someone goes down, you go out and recruit more people to the cause. I'm cautiously optimistic about this one and hopefully we hear more soon.

We'll even get the game before Cyberpunk 2077 on March 6th, 2020. Below is the full reveal that was shown during the conference.

New E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077

The Microsoft press conference just wrapped up and.. WOW. Two big things to say. 4/16/20 and Keanu Reeves is Johnny Silverhand. I have a lot more to write about everything that went down but right now I just want to share with you guys the official cinematic trailer that CD Projekt Red just released.
In the most dangerous megacity of the future, the real you is not enough. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant — the key to immortality. Customize your cyberware and skillset, and explore a vast city of the future obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. The choices you make will determine the story and shape the world around you.

Five Pages from Blade Runner 2019 are Here

About a month ago we got a small preview of what the upcoming Blade Runner 2019 comic was going to look like. Today we have even more to show you. BC got their hands on five pages from the comic that will be releasing July 17th from Titan Comics.

Below you can check out those pages for yourself. Personally I was hoping the main character would have a more unique look. She looks a lot like a gender swapped version of Deckard. Otherwise I'm really looking forward to this. 
(W) Michael Green, Mike Johnson (A) Andres Guinaldo (CA) Artgerm
In the neo-noir city of Los Angeles, 2019, Ash, a veteran Blade Runner, is grappling with a new case: a billionaire’s wife and child, apparently kidnapped by Replicants for dark purposes… An all-new ongoing comic series from the pen of Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Michael Green (Blade Runner 2049, Logan, American Gods), with longtime co-writer Mike Johnson (Batman/Superman, Supergirl, Star Trek), illustrated by Andres Guinaldo (Justice League Dark, Captain America). The first comic to tell original, in-canon stories set in the Blade Runner universe! In Shops: Jul 17, 2019 SRP: $3.99

Cyberpunk 2077 Collectors Edition Leak?

With the Microsoft conference being only two days away rumors and leaks are bound to happen. We have been hearing a lot of info about when Cyberpunk 2077 might be released. Today however we got something much juicier from the resetera message board from a user named vestan.

He claims that he recieved the message over discord from a friend in Poland. How much can we trust this leak? Well from my perspective not at all. I take this with a grain of salt. But, I do think that this is definitely a good fake if it is indeed a fake. The timing also adds some credence that this could possibly be real.

Of course this will all be revealed in just a couple days. So stay tuned and we can either confirm or deny this leak.

Kickstarter Spotlight: Nightfall by Josan

Josan Gonzalez is one of my favorite cyberpunk artists. His work is some of the best in the genre so I am very happy to see him launch his newest Kickstarter, Nightfall. This book will be a follow up to his previous piece, Neon Rising. Nightfall is a hybrid of graphic novel and narrative artbook that will include dialogue unlike the previous installment.

The Kickstarter is already completely funded so if you decide to donate you will definitely be getting a copy for your coffee table. The rewards are really nice as well with a physical copy of Neon Rising also available.

If you head over to the Kickstarter page you can get a digital copy of Neon Rising for free. Below you can check out the synopsis for Nightfall and the Kickstarter promo video as well.

Some say there are multiple realities, whoever ours is Terra N-03, The Future is Now world. In this reality Robo-City Prime, the jewel of the Robotic Union is the last mega-city still standing. Before the events of Nightfall, the city was guided by the decisions of The Machine and ruled by Robo-President K3n3-DY IV and the four Ministers. As the power of the Robo-President keeps growing, and with the help of the (old) Ministry of Information, any and all forms of dissidence is crushed with brutal precision.

Still, not all was lost. Sai Zhang, after the failure of the last revolution attempt has traveled Terra N-03 and assembled a new crew of Enemies of Reality with the intention of returning to Robo-City Prime and ending the repressive rule of Robo-President K3n3-DY IV once and for all, but they will discover that there is more...

New Teaser Trailer has Arrived for Herogrinder

Herogrinder has been in the works for quite awhile. Back in 2006 the game was part of the Steam Greenlight project before it was discontinued. Since then it doesn't seem like the game has been getting much traction, until recently.

Today the team behind the game released a teaser trailer showing off a couple different systems within Herogrinder. They seem to be advertising a way to sign up for some kind of early access. But as of the writing of this article, I can't seem to find a way to do so.

From what has been shown I am really excited for this title. It gives off heavy Smash TV vibes. The release date at this point is unknown. On one site they show a 2021 release, but with all this new information I'm hoping we will get it sooner. Check out the teaser trailer below and keep it here for more information as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Herogrinder is the game of the future - a gameshow where contestants can enter lethal tactical combat arenas for free with a customized team of bioroids and measure their skills against each other in strategic, simultaneous turn-based PvP deathmatches. Contestants win creds for each battle that can be spent on upgrades and also experience that leads to detailed character progression and customization. The range of tactical opportunities in Herogrinder is endless and simultaneous turns eliminate wait times for continuous play.

Where is the Shadowrun The Sixth World Beginner Box?

A little over a month ago it was announced that Catalyst Game Labs would be releasing the next edition of their cyberpunk inspired game, Shadowrun. The Sixth World is essentially the sixth edition of the game and plenty of things were announced for it. A beginner box, dice, shirts and of course, the core rulebook.

We have been told that the Beginner Box would be coming out in June. I've been trying to preorder my copy for a couple of days now with no real luck. Catalyst Game Labs have the game up on Amazon but with a $10 shipping price, that seems absurdly high to me. Not only that, but I have seen a couple different release dates listed as well.

One of the Amazon listings says it will be a preorder that will be released on June 10th. Game Nerdz has their preorder with a release date of June 15th. Several others just have an expected release date of sometime in June. Well today is June 5th and we still don't have a solid date, or a reliable way to preorder the box.

To add another wrinkle to all this, the official Shadowrun The Sixth World website has had a countdown that will end on June 23rd at 8pm EST. According to EnWorld, the countdown was supposed to end on June 11th when they reported on it on May 1st. So what is going on?

My only guess is that they have been pushing back the release in order to get all the components in order. But then again, plenty of "influencers" have been getting boxes for promotional reasons. Again, maybe some feedback from the lucky few who got their hands on it is being taken into consideration.

Hopefully we will get a solid release date very soon. With all the hype surrounding the newest edition I would think they would want to take in as many preorders as possible rather than just drop it with only a couple weeks notice.

Once we get some official word about the release I will be sure to keep all of you updated.

SKYRUN: A New Dystopian Cyberpunk Game

Drowsy Bat Games have just released their new cyberpunk dystopian game, SKYRUN. After watching some of the trailers, it reminds me a lot of Ruiner. What really excited me about SKYRUN is the procedurally generated levels. I'm also a real sucker when it comes to character customization.

I'm not at all familiar with the studio but this seems like a good start. Lets hope that they continue to do more games with this theme in mind. It definitely feels like cyberpunk is coming back into fashion with all these new games on the horizon.

The game is pretty fairly priced at $5.99 on Below you can check out the release trailer and if you are feeling it go check it out for yourself. At the very least it looks like a really fun time waster.
SKYRUN is a 2D platform shooter with procedurally generated elements. Take on missions and fight for freedom on the rooftops of gigantic skyscrapers in a dystopian cyberpunk setting.
  • Engaging core mission gameplay with procedurally generated levels
  • Earn powerful utilities and suit upgrades to tackle harder challenges
  • Versatile customization options for your character

Cyberpunk 2077 Answers Are Coming

Once again the Cyberpunk 2077 twitter account has sprung to life with some exciting news. They announced that they will be answering fan questions that have been submitted. At first they said they would be answering them on July 12th. But after an overwhelming response the team has decided to answer them at E3 on June 13th at 7pm CEST/10am PST.

Pretty exciting news because a lot of us have questions that we would like answered. This kind of outreach in the gaming community by a team of developers is pretty rare for an upcoming AAA video game.

So if you have any questions at all, head on over to their official Tumblr and ask away.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an ambitious RPG for mature audience, set in the corrupt and tech-advanced world of the year 2077 and is being developed by CD Projekt RED in association with the Cyberpunk Pen & Paper system author, Mike Pondsmith.

Price Point Revealed for Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit

About a week ago we learned that R. Talsorian Games was going to put out a beginner box for their upcoming game, Cyberpunk Red. The official rule book was supposed to come out during Gen Con but it was pushed back in order to acquire more art and make sure the game was completely up to date with the upcoming CD Projekt Red video game, Cyberpunk 2077.

Today on the official Twitter account, R. Talsorian Games revealed that the official price point for the game would be $29.99. I'd say it's a fair price for everything that is included. The box will become available first at Gen Con on August 1st and immediately in digital format on DriveThruRPG. As soon as Gen Con is over the game will be made available for sale online as well.

Inside the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit box, players will find:
  • A lore and adventure book detailing the world of Cyberpunk Red. Also included is a full, ready to play scenario and “Screamsheets”, a combination of in-universe news story and game information which players can use to create new adventures.
  • A rulebook containing the essential rules needed to play the game, engage in frenetic combat, and hack their way through digital networks. The Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit uses a new version of R. Talsorian Games’ original Interlock game engine.
  • Six pregenerated characters: the Fixer, the Netrunner, the Nomad, the Rocker, the Solo, and the Tech. Each character comes ready to play but can be further customized using an abbreviated version of the famous Cyberpunk Lifepath system.
  • Four maps to help players visualize their environments, from hard streets to glittering nightclubs.
  • Six dice: two ten-sided dice and four six-sided dice.
  • And more!