An Entromancy CCG is On the Way

A long time ago I was very invested in CCGs. I played Magic: The Gathering, Shadowrun, and even the Netrunner game. That last game I mentioned is why I'm excited about today's news. The company behind the Entromancy tabletop RPG is producing their very own CCG titled Entromancy: Hacker Battles.

The game will be playable for 2-4 players in which you take the role of a hacker. It sounds like that the "spells" that you play are computer programs that are meant to breach the opponents security. I'm very interested in checking this game out. I signed up for the closed beta and you can too right here.

What I find really exciting about this game is that it sounds like it will be compatible with Cyberpunk Red or any other cyberpunk tabletop. Below are some of the bullet points that they have shared about the game.

  • Competitive Card Game Mechanics. Draw cards to build and unleash devastating programs upon your opponents while gaining bit points to overcome their security protocols.
  • Customizable Gameplay. Choose from five distinct specializations and multiple objective cards for a new experience every time you play.
  • 2-4 Players. Engage in fast-paced card battles with 2-4 players where strategy is paramount to victory.
  • Custom Decks for Added Depth. Get into the action quickly with pre-made beginner decks or create your own custom decks.
  • Hacking, Reimagined. Play Entromancy: Hacker Battles as a standalone game or utilize the advanced rule system to integrate hacking into Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG or your own cyberpunk and urban fantasy roleplaying games.

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