Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner Box Available Now

Today Game Catalyst Lab have finally made their Shadowrun The Sixth World Beginner Box available for purchase online. Awhile back I was curious of when they were going to finally release the set because "influencers" and con goers have been able to get their hands on a copy for about a month. With the full release of the rule book at Gen Con it seems a bit late to release it now.

At any rate if you aren't sure if you will like the game this would be a good primer. You can buy the physical version on their website. You can also buy the PDF at DriveThruRPG. If you decide to buy the PDF feel free to use my affiliate link.

Check out the synopsis and contents of the box below.

Shadows darken and deepen. They’re cast by the enormous, world-striding megacorporations that grasp for power and strangle humanity in their clutches. By 2080, most of the planet has given in—bowing and scraping before their corporate overlords; selling their souls to the almighty nuyen. The corps gotta make a trillion, no matter who dies.
But in the darkest depths, defiance flickers. Spikes, mohawks, and tattoos flash, while blades and appetites sharpen. The ignored and the marginalized refuse to be ground down. And their reactions set their destiny. They may seek to repair the world’s injustices, or build wealth to keep themselves safe, or just strike a match and watch the world burn.

Regardless of the chosen path, they stand up and survive. They’re called shadowrunners, and they risk everything …

Wrestling magical energies, channeling them into power;

Pitting their minds against the electronic void of the Matrix;

Trading flesh and blood for chrome and steel to become more than human.

Will you stand up, join them, and dare to risk it all?

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