Shadowrun Offerings at Gen Con Revealed

Today in an email sent out by Gen Con they revealed numerous products that Catalyst Game Labs will have on hand for the upcoming Shadowrun The Sixth World. Other than the official release of the core rulebook we will get a number of other things.

Catalyst will offer three choices for the core rulebook: a standard edition, a faux-Kevlar limited edition, and a slip-cased executive edition. Along with the rulebook, Catalyst will also have dice and Edge tokens that make gameplay easier; a deck of NPC cards to make it simple to build a wide variety of conflicts and situations; a set of Prime Runner minis for those who like to add miniature flair to their game; No Future, a sourcebook on media, sports, and other Sixth World culture with rules compatible with SR6; the Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia, a valuable reference work on the people, corps, nations, dragons, and more from this great setting; the Shadowrun, Sixth World Beginner Box Set for those looking for their first taste of Sixth World action; and a print version of the novellas featuring the characters from the box set. If all goes well, an innovative gamemaster screen will also be available.

All of this will be available at Gen Con starting on August 1st. Catalyst will be at booth 1611 and will be demoing the game throughout the Con. 

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