Kickstarter Spotlight: Nightfall by Josan

Josan Gonzalez is one of my favorite cyberpunk artists. His work is some of the best in the genre so I am very happy to see him launch his newest Kickstarter, Nightfall. This book will be a follow up to his previous piece, Neon Rising. Nightfall is a hybrid of graphic novel and narrative artbook that will include dialogue unlike the previous installment.

The Kickstarter is already completely funded so if you decide to donate you will definitely be getting a copy for your coffee table. The rewards are really nice as well with a physical copy of Neon Rising also available.

If you head over to the Kickstarter page you can get a digital copy of Neon Rising for free. Below you can check out the synopsis for Nightfall and the Kickstarter promo video as well.

Some say there are multiple realities, whoever ours is Terra N-03, The Future is Now world. In this reality Robo-City Prime, the jewel of the Robotic Union is the last mega-city still standing. Before the events of Nightfall, the city was guided by the decisions of The Machine and ruled by Robo-President K3n3-DY IV and the four Ministers. As the power of the Robo-President keeps growing, and with the help of the (old) Ministry of Information, any and all forms of dissidence is crushed with brutal precision.

Still, not all was lost. Sai Zhang, after the failure of the last revolution attempt has traveled Terra N-03 and assembled a new crew of Enemies of Reality with the intention of returning to Robo-City Prime and ending the repressive rule of Robo-President K3n3-DY IV once and for all, but they will discover that there is more...

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