SKYRUN: A New Dystopian Cyberpunk Game

Drowsy Bat Games have just released their new cyberpunk dystopian game, SKYRUN. After watching some of the trailers, it reminds me a lot of Ruiner. What really excited me about SKYRUN is the procedurally generated levels. I'm also a real sucker when it comes to character customization.

I'm not at all familiar with the studio but this seems like a good start. Lets hope that they continue to do more games with this theme in mind. It definitely feels like cyberpunk is coming back into fashion with all these new games on the horizon.

The game is pretty fairly priced at $5.99 on Below you can check out the release trailer and if you are feeling it go check it out for yourself. At the very least it looks like a really fun time waster.
SKYRUN is a 2D platform shooter with procedurally generated elements. Take on missions and fight for freedom on the rooftops of gigantic skyscrapers in a dystopian cyberpunk setting.
  • Engaging core mission gameplay with procedurally generated levels
  • Earn powerful utilities and suit upgrades to tackle harder challenges
  • Versatile customization options for your character

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