The Shadowrun Timer is Up

The Shadowrun timer ran out yesterday evening and.. nothing happened. It was stuck on a continuous loop that kept resetting to 13 seconds. Eventually a text box appeared and a discussion began between a group of what I assume were a couple of runners. However now the page has been updated with a video.

It's a little unclear of what is going on in this video. It features a shadowy figure issuing some kind of warning and a rise to action. Beyond that I'm not 100% sure what is going on. What I have been able to glean from it is that it was made by Rem Alternis Productions Inc. I'm not sure what kind of relationship they have with Game Catalyst Labs at this point, but I do know they will soon be launching their own Kickstarter for a cyberpunk series.

If anything else appears on the official website I will be sure to keep you all posted.

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