New Teaser Trailer has Arrived for Herogrinder

Herogrinder has been in the works for quite awhile. Back in 2006 the game was part of the Steam Greenlight project before it was discontinued. Since then it doesn't seem like the game has been getting much traction, until recently.

Today the team behind the game released a teaser trailer showing off a couple different systems within Herogrinder. They seem to be advertising a way to sign up for some kind of early access. But as of the writing of this article, I can't seem to find a way to do so.

From what has been shown I am really excited for this title. It gives off heavy Smash TV vibes. The release date at this point is unknown. On one site they show a 2021 release, but with all this new information I'm hoping we will get it sooner. Check out the teaser trailer below and keep it here for more information as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Herogrinder is the game of the future - a gameshow where contestants can enter lethal tactical combat arenas for free with a customized team of bioroids and measure their skills against each other in strategic, simultaneous turn-based PvP deathmatches. Contestants win creds for each battle that can be spent on upgrades and also experience that leads to detailed character progression and customization. The range of tactical opportunities in Herogrinder is endless and simultaneous turns eliminate wait times for continuous play.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the awesome enthusiasm!

    Some more info for you and our fans (you heard it here first!):
    - The Herogrinder Trailer is all about game features, systems, and mechanics with a lot of designs: squads, weapon styles, stances, stealth, destructible environment, locks, light, items like drones, covers, grenades, conditions, and so on.
    - Game release is planned for 2021. Until then, lots of interactive content is in the pipeline.
    - Herogrinder's site will be up in a few weeks, along with the "Character Customizer App" where you can design your own totally custom bioroids and get a feel for the weapons, armor, and accessories that are in the game. Modding options are included for totally custom designs. You can also share and collect votes for your custom creation to win a 3D model of your own bioroid!

    Tom, from the Herogrinder project