Where is the Shadowrun The Sixth World Beginner Box?

A little over a month ago it was announced that Catalyst Game Labs would be releasing the next edition of their cyberpunk inspired game, Shadowrun. The Sixth World is essentially the sixth edition of the game and plenty of things were announced for it. A beginner box, dice, shirts and of course, the core rulebook.

We have been told that the Beginner Box would be coming out in June. I've been trying to preorder my copy for a couple of days now with no real luck. Catalyst Game Labs have the game up on Amazon but with a $10 shipping price, that seems absurdly high to me. Not only that, but I have seen a couple different release dates listed as well.

One of the Amazon listings says it will be a preorder that will be released on June 10th. Game Nerdz has their preorder with a release date of June 15th. Several others just have an expected release date of sometime in June. Well today is June 5th and we still don't have a solid date, or a reliable way to preorder the box.

To add another wrinkle to all this, the official Shadowrun The Sixth World website has had a countdown that will end on June 23rd at 8pm EST. According to EnWorld, the countdown was supposed to end on June 11th when they reported on it on May 1st. So what is going on?

My only guess is that they have been pushing back the release in order to get all the components in order. But then again, plenty of "influencers" have been getting boxes for promotional reasons. Again, maybe some feedback from the lucky few who got their hands on it is being taken into consideration.

Hopefully we will get a solid release date very soon. With all the hype surrounding the newest edition I would think they would want to take in as many preorders as possible rather than just drop it with only a couple weeks notice.

Once we get some official word about the release I will be sure to keep all of you updated.

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