First Artwork from Cyberpunk Red

Today the media ambassador, J Gray, went on the Youtube Cyberpunk Community Podcast and out of that they released a new piece of artwork for Cyberpunk Red. I have to say the artwork is actually about what I expected. They had revealed that the art would be comparable to anything we see in modern RPGs.

I'm hoping we get a couple more old school art sprinkled throughout. But I'm an old school gamer and I still love all the art from the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons so I realize I'm in the minority. I also love most of the art in Cyberpunk 2020. In certain instances I can see why they wanted to go in a different direction.

I'm going to be sifting through the podcast to see what other bits I can squeeze out. Until then check out the for Cyberpunk Red below. The artist is Richard Bagnall and if you like what you see go support him at his Artstation account.

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