Kickstarter Spotlight: Dice Charger by Q Workshop

I didn't expect to have so many Kickstarters to cover in such a short time, but here we are. I've been looking around for a really nice set of dice for my Cyberpunk games. The closest I found to what I want was a set of "Tech" dice from Q-Workshop. They look pretty cool and they definitely fit with the genre. But today another option came up, oddly from the same company, on Kickstarter.

They are producing a glow in the dark set of dice for Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk games. They look really nice and they even come with a dice cup that will charge them so they glow even brighter. I'm definitely considering backing this project. The only thing that is a little bit of a downer is that these dice won't be shipped out until around January 2020 if no hiccups happen during production.

Nevertheless they look incredibly cool and are definitely suitable for all your Cyberpunk 2020 games and the upcoming Cyberpunk Red. Go ahead an check out the Kickstarter for yourself and see if they would be something you would want to roll at your table.

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