Kickstarter Spotlight: Butcher Queen

Yes, we just did a Kickstarter spotlight but I just happened upon this one and they are nearing the end. Currently they are sitting at 98% funded with only three days left. It looks like they are going to reach their funding goal but I want to be able to shine a little light on their project.

Butcher Queen is ex-cop-turned-soldier-for-hire Syd Kiowa. A series of biochemical attacks targeting aliens has plunged Black Star City into a storm of chaos and fear. A mysterious creature named Avina claims to have information on the organization behind the attack and its devastating future plans. When Avina hires Syd Kiowa to help her take the whole thing down, what follows will change Earth’s relationship with aliens forever.

Jim Ousley will be writing the story with Ben Sawyer providing the pretty scribbles. In case you are a little wary of backing Kickstarter projects, no worry here as these guys have already fulfilled a previous comic book project. So check'em out and if it's something you're interested in, throw them a couple bucks.

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