My Cyberpunk 2077 E3 Wish List

This E3 is my most anticipated in a very long time. I don't think I have ever really looked forward to one. Cyberpunk 2077 has been my most anticipated game probably since Mass Effect 3.. and well we all know how that went.

In a couple weeks on June 9th Microsoft will be holding their E3 press conference. This is where most people believe that CD Prokjekt Red will be presenting the game. With that in mind I have been thinking a lot about what I really want to see. I'm sure not all of these things will happen. But if E3 was going to turn out the way I want it to, these would be the things I want to see.

Release date. I'm just going to get this one out of the way. I want to see a solid release date and not a release window. Rumors have been circulating online that we are only going to get a target date and not a firm one. I'm also hoping that the game will be out by the end of this year. Waiting until 2020 seems way to far off. Granted, if it means they need to add that final polish, I'd be fine with that. Again, this is the perfect scenario.

Male V. We have been getting teases of what the male V looks like but I want to see this guy in action. New gameplay with the male V would be great. Behind closed doors apparently there was some gameplay with the male counterpart so it would be nice if they finally let that updated footage out into the wild.

Melee. Again this was shown behind closed doors in an alternate playthrough. From what was said they were using a katana to deflect bullets. I'd also love to see some kind of cyberfist or something along those lines. Something up close and brutal. I'm curious how viable a melee build will be in the game considering most protagonists will be carrying guns. How easy will it be to close the distance?

Hacking. We saw a short glimpse of it during the last E3 demo. I'm sure aspects of it have changed and I am hoping we will get to see some other aspects of hacking. Not just the human jack-in but also hacking computers and other things like turrets.

Brain Dance. This is something that is teased all throughout the demo. In Vs apartment we see the brain dance option on the screen and we see multiple billboards advertising the service. I'm curious how they will work and what we can expect. I always liked in the GTA games how they would make little TV shows that you could watch. I think they will probably work like that.

Crafting. We know that some kind of crafting will exist in the game from the inventory screen. Now of course this could be something that they removed entirely, but if they haven't I want to see the types of things that you can craft. It seems a little odd in a game like this, so I'd like to know the use of it. Maybe we can craft different designer drugs to give us an advantage in the field.

More cyberware. We have seen a couple enhancements you can get from Victor the ripper doc. I want to see more! Exotics, sub-dermal armor plating, fucking TVs in our arms.. That's a legit thing in Cyberpunk 2020. I just want to see a whole host of new cyberware that we will be able to procure from some of the shadiest of ripper docs in Night City.

Which leads into something similar, I want to see some of the shady, underground ripper docs. Blood splattered on the wall, waivers needed signed. All the juicy bits.

Companions. I'm hoping we get to see more than just Jackie. I don't want to see all of them, but I'm hoping we get to see at least one more that may show up in our time in Night City. I would actually rather not see any more Jackie. Since we have seen so much of him I'd rather discover more about him when I sit down with the game myself.

Relationships. I've always been a sucker for romances in games. Mass Effect is one of my favorite franchises (or was) and I thought the relationships in those games added to the story. I'm hoping we can see our significant other (if we so choose) to have an impact on the story. Maybe some scavs will kidnap them for ransom. I'm just hoping the person we have a relationship will have some impact on the story and not be just tacked on.

Characters. I want to see more of the major characters in the game. Lizzy Wizzy, Johnny Silverhand and whoever else they can pull up from Cyberpunk 2020 lore. I've had this idea in my head that I have wanted to see in a game for some time. I'm hoping we can go to a concert and see Lizzy Wizzy live. We know Johnny Silverhand is no longer performing so that is probably off the table. Or maybe Blood & Ice from Cyberpunk 2020.

Gear. We have seen the Samurai jacket that everyone has fallen in love with. But I want to see more of what we can wear. I'm also hoping that there is some kind of transmog available as well. Visually I might find something I love, but stats wise it won't live up to something else I find a long the way.

Pre-Order. This is the last on this list. I'm hoping at the end of the presentation, they say the game is available for pre-order everywhere starting right now. I know pre-ordering games has become somewhat of a bad thing these days. But we all know we are going to buy this game at launch. Why wait? I want to see the collectors editions and all the things that will come with it. With the upcoming GOG Galaxy 2.0 I believe I will be putting my order in at the CD Projekt Red owned store.

Well that about wraps up this huge wish list of mine. Besides what I mentioned I think the obvious is the updates. I want to see the new interface, character customization and all the things that we have seen before, with a bit of polish. I hope you guys enjoyed my little list and I'm curious what some of you would like to see at E3 this year.

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