New Devlog From Vigilance Creator

Vigilance is a cyberpunk game that have been keeping my eye on for some time. This is a one man show and he has been working on the game in his free time. You may have seen some of the early test videos that have been floating around the internet recently.

Today he wrote a devlog on Medium. From here on out they plan on writing all the updates there. Here is just a sampling of what was said about the gameplay.

There is a lot of work to be done with the animations seen in the video. Im trying to get the third person gameplay to feel similar to uncharted where the character reacts to environment which is what makes uncharted feel so satisfying to play. Vigilance can also be played in first person mode for those that prefer first person games for a more immersive experience. I haven’t shown much of the first person version of the game but by the end of the games development, i would like it to play out similar to Prey 2 which was sadly cancelled a some years ago.

Since the game is mainly based on bounty hunting i want the game to have parkour elements as you’ll have to be chasing some bounties. I want the game to have a lot of detective aspects where the player will have to solve puzzles, riddles that are related to murders and bounties. This is still being brainstormed on the best way to approach this so that the solving parts and the bounty and story parts dont feel like complete different games.
I'm really looking forward to seeing this come to fruition. I'm hoping this will scratch that itch that the original Prey 2 never did.

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