New Cyberpunk VR Game LOW-FI

Quite a few people were a little disappointed when CD Projekt Red announced that Cyberpunk 2077 would not support VR. Well now I have found the game that you all were hoping for.

LOW-FI is a next generation virtual reality simulation in which you as the player patrol the streets (and the skies above them) solving mysteries, fighting crime, or giving in to corruption. The game oozes atmosphere and looks like you are living Blade Runner.

IRIS VR are the developers behind the game who also brought us Technolust VR. Another really solid VR game that came out early on. I'm sure they are taking lessons they learned from that game and implementing them here.

Apparently they are also going to be bringing this game to Kickstarter sometime in mid to late summer this year. That should mean a release date sometime in 2020. I'm really looking forward to backing this one because the game looks beautiful.

Check out the preview of the game below.. I must advise that if you get a little motion sickness just watch bits of it. Even I got a little light headed watching it.

As the player, you are “low-fi”, the street name given to those who cannot merge with the platform, a ubiquitous virtual reality simulation where most of the population now live their lives. You are a police officer and have been transferred to city-block 303, a particularly crime ridden section or Toronto. The only inhabitants of note in your jurisdiction are other low-fi, and the human intelligence (or lower) artificial life forms who have remained among the citizens after the AI singularity.

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