Kickstarter Spotlight: Venus: A Short Cyberpunk Film

While I absolutely love tabletop and video games, my favorite medium is probably film. Before starting this blog I wrote for a horror film website, So obviously film is very close to my heart. So whenever I see an independent production, I always feel the need to help them however I can.

Today in the Kickstarter Spotlight I present to you, Venus: A Short Cyberpunk Film. Looking over their page I can see they have a lot of ambition. They site Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Ex Machina, Under the Skin and Cam as inspiration for Venus.

I see a lot of potential in this project and I hope they make their funding. Below is the short synopsis they provide as well as their pitch video. If you like what you see, toss them a couple dollars over on their Kickstarter page.

A grieving mother uploads the consciousness of her dead daughter, Iris, into a stolen synthetic body. Torn out of her idyllic digital world and left on the run in an​ oppressive city, Iris must confront her body's objectification and its violent capabilities, as well as the dark truth of her mother's actions.

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