Kicktstarter Spotlight: GeneFunk 2090

We normally don't see that many cyberpunk Kicktstarters but today I found just that. CRISPR Monkey Studios launched there tabletop RPG game GeneFunk 2090 just a couple days ago. The game looks a lot like Shadowrun with no magic. It would probably be fair to call it a combination of Cyberpunk and Shadowrun.

GeneFunk 2090 appears to be using the mechanics of D&D 5E which isn't a terrible one. The game heavily focuses on the bio-engineering aspects of cyberpunk. You have things like nanobots in your bloodstream that hackers can access. It sounds pretty wild and it's an interesting concept.

They do have a free setting book that you can check out before you decide if you want to back or not. I managed to glance over it and there seems to be a lot of options for creating any type of character you wish to make. It's worth looking into if you are curious.

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