Kickstarter Spotlight: Halls of Horror

The only thing I love more than cyberpunk is horror. I have been a horror fan probably since I was 6 years old. So what is better than horror and cyberpunk? Combine them! That seems to be what iFun4all are trying to do with their new board game, Halls of Horror.

Now I can't totally confirm that this is explicitly cyberpunk, but it definitely has the aesthetic. The game is set up for up to four players and even includes a solo mode for all of us whose friends are too good to play board games.

I'm loving the look of this game so far. The official breakdown is below and I can say it sounds a lot like Saw 2. Check them out on Kickstarter right now.. And don't worry the campaign will be running for a couple more weeks.

You wake up in an unfamiliar room. Your entire body hurts, and you can hardly remember last night. Maybe there was a party at a club, or you were supposed to meet with a promising client, or you remember being mugged in an alley but nothing else… it doesn’t matter. Now you are here, and an industrial camera follows your every move. A voice plays over a crackling speaker. “Welcome, participant… to the Halls of Horror!” 

Trapped inside a house built by the insane Master of the Ceremony, you are challenged to a deadly game in which the prize is your survival. Who will perish, and who will escape? Let’s find out!

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